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Sell goods abroad

Find information about exporting goods abroad (not including EU). All links open in a new tab.

Learn about exporting and markets abroad

Lessons on

Visit (opens in new tab) to find out more about:

  • learning to export: step-by-step lessons
  • helping you choose the right markets
  • making an export plan

Taxes and tariffs

Sending goods abroad and charging VAT

Find out if VAT is due when you sell, send or transfer goods abroad (opens in new tab), including:

  • from Great Britain to outside the EU
  • from Northern Ireland outside the UK and EU

Trade tariff tool

Use the UK global online tariff tool (opens in new tab) to look up commodity codes, duty and VAT rates.

Rules of origin and claiming reduced tariff rates

Learn about how the rules of origin apply to your goods. Find specific rules and tariff quotas in the relevant trade agreement parliamentary report:

Customs declarations and exporting documents

Check if you need to declare goods you take out of the country

Whether you need to declare goods to UK customs depends where in the UK they start or end their journey.

Follow the Get UK customs clearance when exporting goods: step by step (opens in new tab).

Get someone to deal with customs for you

Read guidance on getting someone to deal with customs for you (opens in new tab).

Customs declarations: Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF)

You can use CHIEF to make export declarations:

Using the Customs Declaration Service (moving goods to Northern Ireland)

The Customs Declaration Service is to declare goods being moved from Great Britain to Northern Ireland.

Learn about the Customs Declaration Service (opens in new tab).

The Trader Support Service (opens in new tab) can help businesses moving goods to Northern Ireland.

Approved exporters and authorised representatives